Month: February 2023

Yodawy Benefits – Egypt’s First AI-Powered Pharmacy Benefits Platform

Cairo-based Yodawy benefits is a pharmacy benefits platform that connects patients and consumers to pharmacies, doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical/FMCG companies. It also enables insurance and co-payment approvals digitally. In 18 months since its Series A round, Yodawy has grown revenue by 400% and partnered with 20 leading health insurance companies, 3,000 pharmacies, and 300

Harmonelo Benefits

Harmonelo CBD is a natural supplement that contains CBD (kanabidiol). It is extracted from the plant Argyreia spiralis. Harmonelo CBD helps to increase energy levels and promotes a healthy immune system. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body. This product can be helpful for people suffering from various conditions, including anxiety, stress and

The Oodie Benefits

With heating bills rising and the weather becoming unpredictable, there is nothing more cosy than an oversized blanket hoodie. These are known as oodies, and they are so popular that there are many different types to choose from! They are incredibly soft, they have zips down the front for easy access and they come in