Sondermind Benefits For Mental Health Providers

Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional, you’ll find that the benefits of Sondermind are invaluable. You’ll get access to third-party billing services, improved patient outcomes, and career advancement opportunities.

Improved patient outcomes

Behavioral health care providers are faced with a myriad of challenges when coordinating their services. The administrative burden of handling paperwork and payments takes away from the provider’s focus on patient care. The solution from SonderMind streamlines administrative processes and frees up valuable time for the provider.

The company uses innovative technology to match patients with therapists. This allows them to access care in a virtual or in-person setting. The platform also provides access to health insurance networks for payment.

The company’s therapists work in 15 states to provide high-quality mental health care. They deliver approximately 1.5 million sessions to patients.

The company is building a comprehensive behavioral health care platform. It is designed to give patients access to the best possible evidence-based care. Its mission is to help all Americans gain access to behavioral health care. The platform uses data to provide patients with individualized care, and is built around an end-to-end journey.

The company’s data analytics team uses a variety of approaches to analyze data. They use Python, Amazon SageMaker, Snowflake, and other established tools. They are also encouraging engineers to learn new technologies, and they encourage collaboration.

Tracking of objectively-measured outcomes

During the last few years, San Francisco based SonderMind has made three major acquisitions: Uvize, Qntfy and the eponymously titled Total Brain. The latter, a neuroscience based behavioral health software company, was taken private in the second quarter of 2018. The company is a leading player in its field, delivering high quality mental health care to over 15 states and counting. Since its founding in 2014, the company has logged a staggering $183 million in total funding.

A few years ago, the company acquired Uvize, a cloud based behavioral health software company. The company specializes in providing clients with a standardized database of over a million patient records. The company also operates a robust telehealth platform that offers virtual care through Skype and FaceTime, as well as in person care. The company also provides a suite of clinical tools for physicians and other mental health professionals. Lastly, it operates a robust training and professional development program for its providers. The company’s motto is to help its clients succeed in life, work, and play.

Career advancement opportunities

Getting a job at SonderMind might be akin to riding in a Ferrari or being the last cab off the assembly line in Silicon Valley. The perks are divison worthy and the company is a hive of innovation, albeit on a tight budget. Besides, a big fat paycheck and benefits galore. Most importantly, the company’s employee population is a symphony of techies. The office is a happy place. Not to mention, the company lays claim to being the best place to work in the bay area. As for the office mates, the company has been known to go all out on special occasions. For a small firm, that is quite a feat. The company is a true team effort. Besides, the office space is a great place to network and hone the craft. Besides, the company has a wacky work culture, which is a good thing for those who have it.

Third-party billing company

Whether you’re a mental health professional looking to get more out of your practice, or you’re just looking for better ways to manage your EHR, Sondermind offers you the tools you need to help your practice flourish. With a variety of software options, therapists can create and manage personalized treatment plans, schedule and meet with clients, and manage their EHRs.

In addition to the software, therapists have access to ongoing customer support and free or discounted CE opportunities. They also have access to an exclusive online forum, case consultation, and a case management system. Therapists also receive effective training and support from Sondermind.

The technology is reliable and has a 98% success rate for virtual sessions. Therapists can schedule sessions directly, and clients are matched with a therapist as quickly as possible. There is also an anytime messaging system that connects therapists and clients. The sessions are hosted on HIPAA-compliant servers, and the sessions are never recorded.

Despite all of the advantages, therapists should be aware that there are limitations. In Arizona, for example, a client must have written or oral consent for therapy. Also, therapists must have a valid license.