Tovala Benefits Review

Tovala is a unique subscription box service that uses WiFi-enabled smart ovens to cook scan-to-cook meals. This eliminates the need for shopping, prepping and cooking – it’s as simple as scanning the barcode on the packaging.

The company’s meals are prepared in Chicago by professional chefs and delivered to customers each week. They’re available in a variety of dietary options, including vegetarian and nut-free, and are free of additives or preservatives.


Tovala is a food delivery service that makes restaurant-style meals accessible to anyone with limited time and interest in cooking. Using a Wi-Fi smart oven and an app, customers can cook Tovala meals in 25 minutes or less with minimal preparation.

Tovala’s meals are available in a variety of flavors. Besides the main meat-and-side dishes, there are vegetarian options and even a few gluten-free and nut-free choices.

The company’s menu changes weekly, which allows Tovala to respond quickly and efficiently to ingredients that might not be available in its supply chain. For example, if cauliflower florets are on the menu for the week and a supplier can’t get them, Tovala will look for ways to incorporate other vegetables into its recipes instead.

In addition to its meal delivery service, Tovala also offers a smart oven that can cook any recipe you want. You can use the oven to bake, steam, toast, reheat or Scan-to-Cook hundreds of brand name grocery products like Eggo(r) waffles and Pop-Tarts(r).


The tovala is a pretty big name in the home delivery food space. They deliver around 20 meals per week courtesy of the best in class kitchens at some of your favorite local restaurants. They also boast a stellar service record with no-nonsense customer service and delivery times that can’t be beat. The company’s top-notch team of engineers and foodie aficionados is paired with culinary geniuses to create a winning combination. The company has a well-defined process for delivering the freshest possible products on time and in the right order.

Using the best ingredients and a few tricked out kitchens, Tovala is able to deliver impressively high yields in the short timeframe required to prepare a full course meal. They can churn out the goods in less than 30 minutes flat. And that’s before you consider the time required to prep the requisite sides and desserts. It’s an enviable position to be in.


In a sea of meal delivery subscriptions, Tovala stands out with scan-to-cook meals that don’t require any prep time. This is a huge benefit for busy parents like mine who struggle to come up with dinner ideas on the fly.

Tovala’s smart oven cooks its food utilizing steaming, baking, and broiling modes. This cooking method not only cooks your food in less time, but it also promotes moisture retention for extra juicy results.

The Tovala oven can be used for a variety of meals, including toasting, roasting veggies, cooking fish, and even baking muffins. Its controls are easy to use and can be set to any cooking method, temperature, and time.

When the oven is running, lights around the dial indicate what’s cooking and the remaining time. It also gives you notifications when it’s done and turns off automatically. It also features a few preset recipes for some select proteins and vegetables.


Tovala offers a variety of healthy choices in their chef-crafted, prepackaged meal line. The company’s signature whey protein shake has made a comeback, and they also offer a range of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals. Tovala has a reputation for high-end packaging, with the company’s meals bundled into mylar- and foam-lined boxes. The company also takes the time to educate their customers with recipes, videos, and other tips and tricks of the trade. The company also has a robust customer service team, and their support department is a veritable fountain of knowledge.

Tovala’s most enviable product is its chef-crafted, ready to eat meals. The company’s latest iteration features a wide array of healthy options, and the company has a knack for using clever packaging to keep their food fresh. The best part is, the company has a track record for delivering high-quality food that won’t scrimp on flavor. The company’s newest offerings are the best of the lot, including a plethora of gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based dinner options, plus a number of high-protein breakfasts and sweet treats to boot. The company also makes a range of low-calorie snacks that are a healthy way to sneak a quick bite between meals.